Civil Litigation 

Deton Solicitors have extensive experience of acting for both individuals and business in legal disputes. We can advise initially during a fixed fee consultation meeting, which are used to provide initial legal advice and clarification on a dispute and also to give an estimate of future costs for dealing with the matter. 

At Deton Solicitors, we always bear in mind the cost of the possible dispute and advise clients on the most cost effective way of resolving a dispute. We are conscious that most individuals do not wish to end up at court and we recommend that clients come to us as soon as it becomes apparent that there may be a dispute in future to avoid costs escalating and missing an early opportunity to resolve matters.

Dispute Resolution for the individual

The Team can advise on most disputes including :- 

  • Disputes between individuals, shareholder dispute or a partnership dispute. 
  • Employment disputes. 
  • Landlord and Tenant Disputes. 
  • Disputes over a Will or Inheritance disputes. 
  • Advice on consumer rights and contracts. 
  • Boundary Disputes Civil Litigation, Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution.