Deton solicitors is experienced in all types of Landlord and Tenant disputes. Whatever the nature of your enquiry, we have the expertise to help you solve the challenges quickly and economically.

Small problems and issues can quickly move into a full blown dispute so if your tenant raises a problem with you, try to address this as soon as possible to avoid any escalation of the situation. Some of the most common disputes between Tenants and Landlords are:

Rent Arrears – Clearly part of the agreement when you lease a commercial property is that you receive rent in exchange, but sometimes a tenant does fails to pay and you end up with rent arrears.  This must be addressed urgently before the arrears build up.
Dilapidations – The lease will lay down who is responsible for repairs to the property, which is almost invariably the tenant and when your property is in disrepair, it is clear that you will want to ensure those repairs take place, particularly if the lease is coming to an end.
Subletting – A dispute may start if your tenant wants to sublet all or part of your property. We can help you to understand the responsibilities of your tenant and also what you need to do when dealing with a sublet. You need to make your tenant aware about their ongoing responsibilities too.
Forfeiture of the Lease – In certain circumstances you can forfeit the lease and recover possession of your property if your tenant does not comply with the terms of the lease.

What can we do?

Deton Solicitors can help you to understand the dispute you are involved in and lay out the different methods of resolution available to you.

For example, it may be possible to enter into dispute resolution which is a quicker and less expensive than going to court. There are some drawbacks to this method though, as you will have to get your tenant to agree to undertake the process and if he or she will not agree, dispute resolution may not be a viable option.

If litigation does become the only option, we will be able to advise you about your prospects of success and also the cost, so you are aware from the start what the implications are.

Mediation is becoming more popular in the justice system in the UK and has been brought in to speed up resolution and reduce the cost of disputes.

Mediation is particularly effective in resolving disputes between Landlords and Tenants who still wish to continue on with their relationship afterwards. If for example, a business is located at a premises and is established there it is unlikely that the owner will want to move on and therefore mediation could work well, as both parties can negotiate the terms on which they can resolve the problem and continue on with their relationship.

Defend yourself against your Tenant’s claims with specialist Landlord legal advice!

Deton Solicitors have gained experience in defending a number of tenant disrepair claims on behalf of our landlord clients. We take the time to understand the nature of the claim by your Tenant, and then to advise you as the landlord of the best course of action which will result in the most favourable result for you. Whether you are a private landlord, a local authority or a housing association we can help you.

In other way, a Landlord will make a claim for repairs to be carried out to your property along with a claim for compensation. How you respond to this claim when it is received can influence the outcome. This is why we offer initial advice for you to explain your legal rights and options, so please contact us urgently.

If a claim is made for compensation, we can advise you of the validity of the claim, and the most economical course of action for you to take.

When you are leasing commercial property, it is usually straight forward and easy and all you need to do is collect the rent and sort out any issues and repairs that come up. Occasionally Tenants do not comply with the terms of their lease and in those circumstances we can assist you and give you advice on how we think you should proceed.

In many incidences, you should contact your Tenant and raise your concerns. Hopefully your Tenant will react to your concerns; however this is not always the case.

So we advise that you contact us today for an immediate friendly advice.